How to create a Facebook App

Getting Started

To allow your visitors to log in with their Facebook account, first, you must create a Facebook App. The following guide will help you through the Facebook App creation process. After you have created your Facebook App, head over to “Settings” and configure the given “App ID” and “App secret” according to your Facebook App.

Create Facebook App

  1. Navigate to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/
  2. Log in with your Facebook credentials if you are not logged in
  3. Click on the “Add a New App” button
  4. If you see the message “Become a Facebook Developer“, then you need to click on the green “Register Now” button, fill the form then finally verify your account.
  5. Fill “Display Name” and “Contact Email“. The specified “Display Name” will appear on your Consent Screen!
  6. Click the “Create App ID” button and complete the Security Check.
  7. On the left side, click on the “Settings” menu point, then click “Basic”.
  8. Enter your domain name to the “App Domains” field.
  9. Enter your domain name to the “App Domains” field, probably: hollywoodwebservices.com
  10. Fill up the “Privacy Policy URL” field. Provide a publicly available and easily accessible privacy policy that explains what data you are collecting and how you will use that data.
  11. Select a “Category”, an “App Icon” and pick the “Business Use” option that describes your the App best, then press “Save Changes“.
  12. On the left side, click on the “Facebook Login” menu point, then click “Settings”.
  13. Add the following URL to the “Valid OAuth redirect URIs” field: https://hollywoodwebservices.com/wp-login.php?loginSocial=facebook
  14. Click on “Save Changes
  15. Your application is currently private, which means that only you can log in with it. In the top bar click on the switch next to the “In development” label, then click the “Switch Mode” button.
  16. Finally on the left side, click on the “Settings” menu point, then click “Basic” again. Here you can see your “APP ID” and you can see your “App secret” if you click on the “Show” button. These will be needed in plugin’s settings.
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Setting up your funnels with the ClickFunnels editor. Understanding Sections, Rows, Elements, Images, Headlines, Text Blocks, and all the functions you will need to understand in order for you to build your funnels.

Russell Brunson is the founder of ClickFunnels, which provides an easy way to market, sell or deliver products online.May 18, 2016

Account Settings

Page Editor (Bascis)

Page Types

Page Templates

3rd Party Integrations

Funnel Publishing

Sales Funnels

Webinar Funnels

Funnel Settings


Email Automation

Funnel Contacts

Survey Builder

ClickFunnels Troubleshooting

Clickfunnels Game

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Build Your Product

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 Do you have an idea for an amazing website, app, product, or brand that will change the world? There is a lot of work between having that idea and actually changing the world. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you dive in.

1. What problem does your idea solve?

Your idea should make people’s lives better or easier in some way. Can you identify a pain point in people’s lives that you are solving? A bigger pain means people will be willing to pay more to address it.

For example, let’s consider the invention of the Baby Bath Umbrella Hat. Infants and kids hate to get water in there eyes when taking a bath. This invention prevents the water from getting directly into the baby’s eyes, and now kids can have fun taking a bath.

2. How is the problem currently being solved?

You will want to do copious market research. Ask everyone you know how they currently solve the problem and what they think of your idea. Write everything down in a spreadsheet so you can quantitatively analyze how well your product will fit in the market. Go shopping online and in stores looking for competitive solutions and answers to the following questions.

  • How much does the solution cost?
  • How well does it solve the problem?
  • How hard was it to find?
  • How does it compare to your solution?

For the Phillips-head example, the screws were comparable in most ways (price, size, strength, etc). However, the Phillips-head was much easier to use because it prevented the screwdriver from slipping off using a self-centering design.

3. What makes you an expert to solve this problem?

You will probably need more than a first movers advantage to have sustained success. Do you have a particular passion for this problem? Do you have a particular set of skills that allows you to solve the problem better than most people? Do you have a patent that gives you a monopoly on this solution? The advantage you need is largely dependent on your answer to the next question.

After acquiring the design from John Thompson, Henry Phillips refined the design and filed additional patents which enabled him to successfully launch the product.

4. What kind of business do you want to open?

Your path will be very different if you want to have a lifestyle business–one that pays you a nice salary to do what you love (ideal situation)–than if you want to be a growth business that is destined for the New York Stock Exchange. The vast majority of businesses are the former, especially when starting up. Either way, you will need to dedicate years and possibly decades of your life to making the business a success.

5. Finally, if you are building a website, blog, brand, app or product, contact us.

Let’s talk about your idea and determine if it is a good fit for our services and technology. If it is, we can help you get to market faster, less expensive, and with more features. It isn’t a good fit, we can probably point you in the direction of someone that is.

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