Looking for a Web Design company in Hollywood, CA?

You’re in the right place.

Hollywood Web Services and Design Studio is located in the heart of Hollywood, CA 90028. We are serving the Hollywood, CA area to help local businesses grow, improve sales, overhaul outdated websites, provide support to businesses that need help with online presence. We work with alot of independent business owners, musical artists, comedians, actors and so much more. Our speciality is web design, social media marketing and paid advertising. 

Having a web designer in Hollywood, CA where your located is essential to your business production. Knowing that Hollywood Web Design is working on your side to get your project up and completed as soon as possible is our main goal. We team is prepared for any project whether it’s a brand new website you want to launch, or an existing website you need to redesign — we are here for you! Before every project, we make sure we understand our clients vision. We are here to make your dream website come true. 

Hollywood web design strategy for local businesses located in Hollywood, CA is to get them up to speed with Google practices and tactics. We make sure you understand everything that we need to do to make your website #1 design and ranking on all search engines. We include in our process a competitors audit of their website and see how we can improve yours. 

Making sure you hire the right web designer for your company and/or brand can and will make a huge impact on your business. Knowing that you did your research and are comfortable with your Hollywood Web Design company once you’re ready to hire is a big decision. That is why Hollywood Web Services is here to help you every step of the way.  A well-designed, easily navigable, and aesthetically pleasing web design will result in increased customer traffic and increased sales. We are the only website builder in Hollywood you will ever need.

The costs of web design in Hollywood, CA will depend on the technicality of the website you want to build. Custom features such as SEO, CopyWriter, Video Creation, Photo Editing, logos and so much more. Make a list of your website goals and what you want. 

Here are 5 quick tips to follow when getting ready to hire a web designer. 

  1. Research the company before you hire them. 
  2. Make sure you have a plan written down. 
  3. Call multiple web designing companies and compare pricing.
  4. Give as much details as possible, so there’s no change orders.
  5. Make sure to get a proposal in writing.

Those 5 quick tips should get you to the next step of hiring a good developer that you can trust. Working with a honest web designer is everything these days. Website can go offline anytime, there’s always issues to attend too. Having a great web designer on your side will make you sleep better at night. 

Cost factors for website development in Hollywood, CA: 

      1. Purchase your domain name from Namecheap.com ($0.88 to $59.99 per domain)

    Find a domain starting at $0.88

    powered by Namecheap

    1. Purchase your SSL Certificate from Namecheap.com ($0 – $2500 per year)
    2. Purchase Web Hosting from Bluehost.com ($3.95 – $25,000 per year)

  1. Purchase a theme for your website layout or free style or theme ($25 – $25,000)
  2. Make sure your theme is a responsive design ($25 – $25,000)
  3. How many website pages do you need ($100 – $12,000)
  4. Make sure to have Interactive Media for your audience to engage ($125 – $25,000)
  5. Content Management System (CMS) ($0 – $25,000)
  6. Ecommerce Functionality ($1,500 – $65,000)
  7. Database Intergration ($1,000 – $30,000+)
  8. Security Software ($20 – $1,000 per year)
  9. Blog Post ($10 – $1,000 per blog)

We suggest not to buy WordPress hosting as you will have to pay for every wordpress site you launch. When you purchase shared hosting from Namecheap. It allows us to upload any type of formatted website you want.. 

You might already have a business website for your product or service in Hollywood, but are you getting the calls that you need. Enough of the traffic, anything can create traffic, are you getting the leads? Utilizing us as your SEO company in Hollywood, CA, we will optimize your site for search engines for the specific keywords that should be targeted.

Our Website Design company is located in the heart of Hollywood, CA. We have been providing web services to our clients for over 6+ years. All our services are customized to individual customer needs, services, or products. Our team is skilled in optimization, and web design and development. All projects are done in house by members of our team.